1/2 Dozen Regular Cupcakes GF/EF/SF




Go for 12! We offer an assorted selection of our flavours in regular batter. Order online and we’ll have your batch ready when you pop in! 

Our Gluten, Egg and Sugar free flavours are available by special order! So, if you want to guarantee a bundle of your favourite flavours, please order online and we’ll have it all ready for you when you pop in! 

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Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Egg Free


Caramel-Cream Cheese, Choco Mint-Vanilla, Chocolate-Cream Cheese, Chocolate-Strawberry, Coconut-Chocolate, Coconut-Cream Cheese, Lime-Cream Cheese, Red Velvet Cream Cheese, Mocha-Cream Cheese, Strawberry-Cream Cheese, Assorted, Double Chocolate, Vanilla-Vanilla, Strawberry-Strawberry


No Deco, Regular, Sprinkles